Overcoming an Addiction: Is it Possible?

Addictions can be difficult to overcome, but it is possible with the right plan and resources. Olympia House Rehab's residential treatment program provides a peaceful and structured environment to begin the drug and alcohol recovery process. Our 24-hour staff is trained in various treatment options to provide the most individualized and effective treatment program for each resident. Quitting smoking is a gradual process that often requires several attempts.

Withdrawal symptoms can be challenging, but don't lose hope if things are difficult for you. A brisk walk around the block, yoga, and meditation are great ways to eliminate stress and find balance. Research shows that addicts have to take more substances, spend more money, or increase the number of sexual partners to release the same amount of dopamine. This can make quitting smoking difficult, but it's important to remember that addictions can be treated.

Only you can decide to overcome an addiction. If you need help, you can call Olympia House Rehab at (800) 662-HELP (435) or our local rehabilitation center at (88) 795-1965 today.

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