What are 3 or more causes of addiction?

The most common roots of addiction are chronic stress, history of trauma, mental illness, and family history of addiction. Understanding how they can lead to chronic substance abuse and addiction will help you reduce your risk of becoming an addict. Here we will discuss addiction and its roots, and discuss practical ways in which you can reduce your risk of developing a drug or alcohol addiction. For many years, experts believed that only alcohol and powerful drugs could cause addiction.

However, neuroimaging technologies and more recent research have shown that certain pleasurable activities, such as gambling, shopping and sex, can also take over the brain. The neurotransmitter dopamine is responsible for incentive, reward and motivation, and is a key neurotransmitter involved in addiction. The Huffington Post reports that at least 60 percent of teens classify their high schools as drug infected. peer pressure is often a topic that is more appreciated among adolescent and adolescent demographics than any other, but many adults also succumb to it simply because other adults offered them a drink or encouraged them to try a substance.

The environment strongly influences substance abuse habits in general. With prolonged drug and alcohol abuse, addiction is more likely to occur.

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