What is the difference between being sober and being in recovery?

Perhaps The Discovering Alcoholic sums it up best, stating: “Sobriety is a state. Recovery is a process. While the former may be imperative for the latter, the latter is ultimately the key to truly overcoming addiction and moving forward with a full and functional life. A person in recovery continually strives to resolve problems that caused alcohol or drug use to occur in the first place.

When someone attends rehab, they quickly learn that substances are not the only problem. On the other hand, substance use is usually a symptom of something else. In essence, sobriety is a state like being hungry or satiated. He lives in the absence of drugs and alcohol.

However, it's not possible to maintain long-term sobriety without being in recovery. As addicts begin to experience the negative effects of addiction, they may stop consuming for a while as they try to put their lives back together. At this point, they may think that living sober is the only step they need to take to get better. However, it requires greater commitment and a strong support system to move from early sobriety to recovery.

However, the point is that the life of an addict or alcoholic has much more meaning than simply being clean and constantly fighting temptation over and over again. There is an important distinction between being sober and being in recovery. The differences are clear to those who have experienced both phases in their healing process from alcoholism. Let's talk about recovery from sobriety.

Are they synonymous terms? In short, sobriety is a choice we make every day, and recovery is the action through which we actively live that choice. While we must choose both sobriety and recovery on a daily basis, we can have sobriety without living in recovery. Sobriety is short-lived when it is not followed by intentionally building a life in recovery that will sustain us as we face life in the terms of life. Earlier this month, we shared a series titled One Woman at a Time to show what happens when a woman recovers from alcoholism.

Have you ever wondered what it means to recover? Or how is that different from being sober? The typical candidate for a sober living home is someone who has just completed a stay at an inpatient addiction treatment center. Many sober alcoholics who are not in recovery will experience a transfer of addictions that could involve a new addiction to food, sex, shopping, romantic relationships, etc.

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